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The Chav Rich List
They’re the celebrities taste forgot — the chavs who flaunt fake tans, false boobs and mock Tudor houses. But what isn’t fake are their millions.

As the model Jordan boasted last week, they’re very rich. She even claimed she was close to making a billion. So was she exaggerating? Here, NATASHA PEARLMAN estimates the wealth of the Chav Rich List:

One: David & Victoria Beckham £87m

Undoubtedly the King and Queen of planet Chav, Vic and Dave are the ultimate in nouveaux riches. But as Becks has proved with lucrative deals from Adidas, Pepsi, Police sunglasses and Diesel, not passing exams at school doesn’t equate to a poor business sense.

In fact, Brand Beckham has earned a whopping £17.3 million in the past year alone. Becks signed a three-year £40 million promotional deal with Gillette in 2004.

Add this to his £116,000-a-week contract with Real Madrid (£6 million a year) and you’re looking at £50 million generated for the Beckhams’ company Footwork - directors of which include Victoria and her father, Tony Adams.

Posh has a personal fortune of £10 million from her Spice Girls days, the royalties of which bring in £1.5 million a year, meaning there are still an awful lot of people out there playing her records.

She also designs a range of jeans for Rock & Republic worth £250,000 a year - bringing the family’s total worth to £87 million.

Three: Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin £20m

The potato-headed footballer’s fortunes continue to mushroom. Following in the golden financial footsteps of David Beckham, his Manchester United earnings (a relatively modest £50,000 a week) are dwarfed by his off-pitch income.

Deals with Nike (worth £5 million over ten years), Coca-Cola (£1 million) and Electronic Arts have been augmented by a newly signed deal with Asda, worth £3 million over the next two and a half years. The latter is a joint deal with fiancee Coleen, proof of their increasing marketability as a couple.

Coleen has also signed her own deal with Nike to promote a range of women’s sportswear, Nike C. There are also his and hers book deals: his is the most lucrative sports biography deal in history, worth £5 million over five books; hers is a more modest £2 million.

Assets include a new £4 million house in Cheshire - dubbed Chav Towers - complete with a £13,000 gym and cinema.

Four: Steven Gerrard & Alex Curran £13m

While his fiancee has a talent for eye-wateringly colourful tracksuits and a Tango tan, Gerrard is the real money-spinner.

As Liverpool captain, he earns £100,000 a week - making him the highest paid player in the club’s history - and his deals with Adidas and Persil are worth £1 million and £1.5 million.

He is one of football’s most popular stars — his book, the imaginatively titled, My Autobiography - has far outsold those by fellow England stars Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard.

Alex brings in around £70,000 a year from a weekly column in a national newspaper, but this is small fry compared to the £1 million net assets in Steven Gerrard Promotions, 2004-05. No wonder he owns a £3.5 million home in Liverpool and drives a £100,000 Aston Martin.

Six: Ashley & Cheryl Cole £10m

In footballing circles, only the Beckhams have had more coverage than Mr & Mrs Cashley Cole. The newlyweds earned £2 million from selling their wedding snaps to a celebrity magazine.

The move to Chelsea means Ashley is on £75,000 a week - £3.9 million a year. Add that to his £3 million Adidas boot deal, his autobiography, which was rumoured to have garnered him more than £1 million, and the rumours he will replace Beckham as the face of Gillette, and you’re looking at some serious wealth.

Cheryl earns £600,000 a year with her band Girls Aloud and signed a £1 million deal to front Coke Zero.

They live in a £1 million penthouse in North London. The next plan is a property empire, including a £3.5 million new home.

Others on the list for those who are interested:
Two: Jordan & Peter Andre £30m

Pneumatic glamour model Katie Price, known as Jordan, has claimed she is nearly a billionaire. Like her other attributes, that was more than a little inflated, but she is an astute businesswoman.

Her first autobiography, Being Jordan, sold more than a million copies. Her second, A Whole New World, was the No1 hardback and made £2 million. This year, she published her first novel, Angel. Exposure in downmarket tabloids has increased following her appearance in I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004.

She and fellow contestant, singer Peter Andre, became a couple - dubbed Dosh and Pecs - and sold the rights to their spectacularly tacky September 2005 wedding to ITV and OK! magazine for £2 million. Even before the wedding, they’d banked £5 million from appearances, interviews and their ITV series, When Peter Met Jordan.

Their earnings have gone into overdrive. In May, Jordan signed a £2.8 million deal to design lingerie. A jewellery collection for Argos earned her £250,000 in its first year. Her 2007 calendar is expected to be a Christmas best-seller.

Homes include a £1 million East Sussex mansion and a £1.75 million Cyprus holiday home. Right now, Katie’s price is right. She’s earned at least £15 million, though little is yet apparent in her company, Jordan Trading, which showed £555,000 assets for 2004 to 2005.

Factoring in her growing world appeal and her assets, she’s worth £30 million - making her one of the richest women in Britain.

Five: Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson £10m

Thanks to a new album and her Channel 4 programme, The Charlotte Church Show, the 20-year-old has earned nearly £9 million.
Her autobiography, Voice Of An Angel, made her £800,000, while her company, Charlotte Church Ltd, had £3.3 million net assets in 2004 to 2005.

She shares a £750,000 five-bedroom house in Cardiff with Gavin. Though not in the same earnings league, he has earned his place as half of the Beckhams of the Valleys.

He gets £120,000 a year with the Ospreys rugby team and last year’s two-book publishing deal has made him £1.2 million. This fiery couple often row in public - maybe they’re arguing about what to spend their money on

Seven: Jade Goody £4.5m

Renowned as having a mouth two sizes bigger than her brain, she is the most recognisable Big Brother star - even though she only came fourth in 2002.

The guileless Goody is, in fact, a savvy investor: she owns a four-bedroom, £500,000 detached house in Ongar, Essex; a £400,000 investment property in Harlow; a £48,000 BMW; a £60,000 Porsche; and a Mercedes.

Then there is the £500,000 autobiography, Just Jade; and her newest TV show, which follows her riveting search for a PA.

She has even launched her own perfume, Shh...It outsold the Beckhams’ Instinct scent by four to one in its first week, earning her £1 million.

Eight: Jodie Marsh £2m

With 11 GCSEs, three A-levels and a middle-class background, she hoped to be recognised as the glamour girl with brains and a ‘natural’ 32FF bust. As the daughter of an Essex millionaire, Jodie, 27, has earned her own fortune from appearing on six reality TV shows.

She regularly graces the covers of lads’ mags and is not averse to making tens of thousands through kiss ’n’ tells, where she rates her lover’s performance out of ten on the back of a T-shirt. She still lives with her parents in Essex and drives a £20,000 Peugeot convertible.

Despite failing to steal Jordan’s crown, Jodie was paid a reported £1 million for her autobiography, Keeping It Real.

Nine: Kerry Katona £2m

After finding fame with the band Atomic Kitten, she quit in 2002 to start a family. Her profile rocketed after she won 2004’s I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! with a six-figure deal to write a column for a celebrity magazine.
She got a £1 million fee for her autobiography. Divorce from former Westlife singer Brian McFadden should land her a share of his £5 million fortune.

10: Jessie Wallace £1.5m

As Albert Square’s tart with a heart Kat Slater, she won the hearts of the nation in EastEnders. But off-screen, a string of drunken antics resulted in a two-month suspension from the show.

After splitting from the father of her baby, her personal life seemed to be crashing around her. However, her professional life thrived. Last year, she earned £270,000 playing Kat and commanding £8,000 for a personal appearance.

When she quit the soap, she negotiated a six-figure deal with the BBC to star in new dramas. She owns a £600,000 five-bedroom Victorian townhouse in East London and drives a £32,000 Mercedes SLK 320.

Reality show set to put the WAGs at war
Some of England's most famous WAGs will soon be at each other's perfectly tanned throats as they compete in a reality show next year.

Ten contestants will be split into two teams to run rival fashion shops in Mayfair for 10 weeks. At the end there will be a grand final to see which one has been more successful.

The show, to be aired provisionally on ITV2, is guaranteed to cause friction among the footie stars' other halves because the competition promises to be so fierce.

Chelsea WAGs Elen Rives and Carly Zucker - fiancées of Frank Lampard and Joe Cole respectively, and Steven Gerrard's girlfriend Alex Curran are all top of the producer's list.

Sources at Talkback Thames - the television company behind X-Factor revealed the plans.

They said: "It is going to be dynamite, there is no way that the girls are all going to remain friends. There is likely to be a lot of falling out, both between the two teams and within them too. Some of the scenes will not be very pretty."

Filming is due to start shortly before Christmas, however the boutiques will not open before the end of January.

With the line-up still not confirmed, there is said, already, to be massive tension between the WAGs, who are all desperately pitching against one another to win a place.

Our source added: "Obviously the more famous of the WAGs are pretty much guaranteed places if they want them but the girlfriends of the more junior England players and Premiership stars are at war with one another over who is going to go on the show.

"It is certainly the talk in the players' lounges across the Premiership stadiums at the moment."

WAGs such as Cheryl Tweedy and Victoria Beckham, who are busy with their own careers, are said to have taken themselves out of the running, as did John Terry's fiancée Toni Poole, who gave birth to twins Summer Rose and Georgie John in May, and Rebecca Ellison, Rio Ferdinand's partner, who has also just become a mum.

The girls' first projects will be to have launch parties for their stores. They will then be open to the public five days a week until April when there will be a grand final.

Borat is such a WAG - but do the FA think so?

The FA might want to forget all about the WAGS but they were used to great promotional effect on the perimeter advertising at last night's Croatia game advertising Sacha Baron Cohen's new film based on Borat, his spoof character from Kazakhstan. "I love you English WAGS, sexytime," was the Borat quote displayed on the video screen

Wags do more than just watch
October 23, 2006

WAGS went a stage further than just watching a fashion show — one of them joined in.

Abbey Clancy, 20, took to the catwalk as a model for designer store Cricket in Liverpool.

Peter Crouch’s lover was watched by Wayne Rooney’s fiancee Coleen McLoughlin, 20, Steven Gerrard’s girlfriend Alex Curran, 24, and TV’s Sheree Murphy, 30, wife of Liverpool’s Harry Kewell.

Team players ... Sheree, left, Alex, pal Kelly and
Colleen get ready for the show's kick-off

Alex’s pal Kelly Ellison, Peaches Geldof, 17, and Emmerdale babe Charley Webb, 18, were also at the glittering event. Did the DJ play Handbags and Glad Wags?

WAGs style: The hits and misses

October 26, 2006

THEY'VE got the money and the time to shop for England.

But do the WAGs really have the fashion clout to boot now summer's over?

As top Liverpool style store Cricket showcases its latest collection of designer must-haves, we offer our verdict on the girls' recent form.

Relegation potential or definitely room for promotion? See if you agree with Sun fashion editor Erica Davies as she assesses their off-pitch style skills.


Abbey is fast becoming the WAG we all want to look like.

Blonde, beautiful and bedding the tallest man in football, Abbey's style is usually spot-on but what will Erica make of this midriff-flashing makeover?

Erica says: "Abbey goes for Bardot - but the Fendi B bag ruins the look. Too clunky, Clancy."


The World Cup saw one fashion frock-up after another for poor Alex Curran. So what will our fashion guru make of Alex's autumn style?

Erica says: "After a few style mistakes, Gerrard's girl has finally hit her groove. Mum-of-two Alex looks amazing in this silver lurex dress."


Col's been in the news this week for splashing £50k on presents for Wayne's 21st. But is it a case of money well spent when it comes to her winter wardrobe?

Erica says: "Our Col sure scrubs up well. She's channelling Sienna Miller in this all-black two piece after the actress wore a very similar Stella McCartney design earlier this year.

And we thought Coleen said it's NORTHERNERS who start the trends."


Her hubby's fond of transfers but should Cheryl transfer her fashion allegiance after this jungle jane frock-up at Julien Macdonald's Spring/Summer show?

Erica says: "Everything about Mrs Cole's leopard look SHOULD work. But Cheryl looks more barmaid than brilliant with the whole thing just a little too try-hard."


If any WAG gets it right more than most, it's Elen Rives. The Spanish beauty is usually an understated siren but what about this dress, worn to a Giorgio Armani fashion show?

Erica says: "Oh dear Elen. Her face and figure are stunning, but this doily disaster dress is perhaps a tad too suggestive for a new mum."


Yep, Posh has been raiding the fancy dress box again.

The hit-and-miss queen has made some stunning style statements of late but does Erica like this flouncy number?

Erica says: "That Extra Half An Inch makes Victoria look like a loo roll holder. Great shapes for her skinny frame, but really not winning the style war in white."

Sexy model Abbey Clancy has knocked Cheryl Tweedy off the top of the WAG tree...and Victoria Beckham does not even make the starting eleven, a new poll revealed today.

As Steve McClaren attempts to shape the Three Lions into winners, the WAGs have also been changing their formation as the Premier League of football pin-ups undergoes a reshuffle.

Out goes the 'old guard' of Nancy Dell'Olio - the perma-tanned other half of former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson - while former Queen WAG Victoria Beckham drops to the bench as only the twelfth most desirable footballer's wife.

The poll of 3,000 fans by FHM magazine found striker Peter Crouch's on-off girlfriend Abbey is now rated sexiest WAG, relegating Cheryl Tweedy - who recently married Ashley Cole - into second spot.

Making up the top three is another new recruit to the WAGs - pretty 17-year-old student Melanie Slade, the girlfirend of teenage Arsenal striker Theo Walcott who was named in the England squad for this summer's World Cup.

Wayne Rooney's fiancee Coleen McLoughlin could only make it to fourth place.

The table reveals that children need not hold back WAGs, with the Top 10 dominated by "yummy mummies". Their astonishing ability to get quickly back in shape after the birth of their children secured them places in the top ten.

Frank Lampard's sexy senorita Elen Rives, who gave birth to baby Luna last year, sits pretty in fifth place, while Alex Curran, who gave birth to Steven Gerrard's second daughter days before the Liverpool captain won this year's FA Cup, came sixth.

Michael Owen's cute wife and mother of his two children, Louise, came eighth while mother of John Terry's twins Toni Poole came tenth.

FHM Editor Ross Brown said Abbey swept to victory because she has the "full package".

He said: "Abbey topped the Premier League of WAGs and I can see why. She fulfils the ultimate WAG criteria - she’s the girlfriend of England ’s best striker, she’s beautiful and she likes to part...what more can a rich footballer ask for?"

Abbey is due to appear on the front cover of this month's FHM magazine.

FHM Premier League of WAGs

1 Abbey Clancy (Peter Crouch)
2 Cheryl Tweedy (Ashley Cole)
3 Melanie Slade (Theo Walcott)
4 Coleen McCloughlin (Wayne Rooney)
5 Elen Rives (Frank Lampard)
6 Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard)
7 Louise Bonsall (Michael Owen)
8 Carly Zucker (Joe Cole)
9 Michaela Henderson-Thynne (Stuart Downing)
10 Toni Poole (John Terry)

They've gotta have it

They are in a league of their own when it comes to flashing the cash and flaunting the flesh. Lucy Siegle joins up with Coleen and the girls to see what it takes to be a Wag

There is some contention as to who came up with the 'Wag' epithet, Wag being shorthand for 'wives and girlfriends' of the England football squad. The Daily Mail claims it coined the seminal anthropological term during Euro 2004 in Portugal. But arguably it was Grazia, the women's weekly magazine that turned it into a full-blown phenomenon during this summer's World Cup. 'We'd always been a bit jealous of Heat magazine with Big Brother,' confesses Jane Bruton, Grazia's editor. 'Every summer they are gifted cover stars guaranteed to sell copies and then, suddenly, during the World Cup, we were gifted the Wags - glamorous young girls, obsessed by fashion.'

And they were some gift. To Baden-Baden and the World Cup, the Wags brought their babies, and their mums and dads (MADs) to mind the babies; they wore city shorts with heels, carried must-have handbags, made use of the official touring spray tanning team and one or two stood on tables in the local hostelry singing 'I Will Survive'. At the hotel, on the half-hour, they got up and promenaded around the swimming pool, never actually getting in the water (unlike their boys, proper Scouse girls don't do sport). It was reminiscent of Jane Austen's more pushy female characters taking a turn around the room in Darcy's eye line. When some bright spark from the hotel erected a screen around the pool to shield the Wags from the paparazzi's prying lenses, the girls demanded it be removed immediately.

Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Tweedy, two footballers' wives with high-profile careers, apparently tried to distance themselves, Tweedy later making pointed remarks as to how she didn't need to borrow boyfriend Ashley Cole's 'plastic to go shopping' because she had her own. But their independent woman stance didn't have the appeal they might have hoped for, as everyone had fallen for the Wags, their devil-may-care fecklessness and mountains of paramour-bought handbags. In particular, we took to our collective, Grazia-reading bosom the three Liverpool Wags: Coleen McLoughlin (engaged to Wayne Rooney), Alex Curran (engaged to Steven Gerrard) and Abigail Clancy, 'on-off' girlfriend of Peter Crouch. When new England manager Steve McClaren banned the whole Cavalli-clad carnival from all future tournaments on the grounds that they were a distraction, he sounded like Adam and his weaselly serpent sidekick blaming original sin on a collection of Fake Bake-tanned, fun-loving Eves.

Anyway, did they crumble, did they lay down and die? No they did not. Coleen, Alex and Abigail merely continued their fashionable ascent. Furthermore, their unwavering commitment to directional fashion labels (out of the usual footballers' wife safety zone) has spawned a Liverpudlian microcosm of cosmetically white-toothed girls, sporting £400 handbags with a working knowledge of the Pucci look book. All of which has created a north/south fashion divide of epic proportions. According to Coleen, undisputed queen of Liverpudlian chic, northern girls just have a better eye. 'People come up from London and go out in their jeans,' she said recently with barely disguised horror.

All in all, the Wags are enormously intimidating to southern scruffs like me and, as I am dispatched to meet them at the Scouserati night of the year, Cricket boutique's fashion show, I am practically quaking in my very last-season boots. This year, there's even more pressure on the night as the venue, the revamped Liverpool Town Hall, can seat only 300. Given the store has a customer base of thousands, aside from all the Wags and Emmerdale starlets that need to be accommodated, I am truly in possession of a scorchingly hot ticket.

It's an inauspicious start as I arrive in the soon to be Capital of Culture. Somewhere between Lime Street Station and my hotel, my suitcase develops a hole, and I leave a trail of tights and shoes, gathered up and returned by kind passers-by. Assimilation is going to be difficult. For starters, there is some consternation among the organisers that I do not have time for a spray tan and instead I'm issued with a bottle of self-tan to apply myself. In Liverpool these days, this passes for a standard greeting to pasty southerners.

Luckily there is plenty of time for a non-invasive facelift at the OC, Liverpool's new central spa that caters for professional women, who apparently want to maintain Wag-like grooming standards but only have a 15-minute window. Later that night, I meet a 35-year-old property-acquisition lawyer who declares the Scouse Wags (more than 10 years her junior), her personal icons. 'Their style, the clothes they wear, fits with the revamp and regeneration of this city and the build-up to the Capital of Culture,' she tells me.

Aside from feeling as if I've had root-canal treatment, the non-invasive facelift works rather well, providing some uplift, and definitely giving me a little colour - I never get round to the tan. There is nothing to be done about my nails, or lack of. At some point, I show them to Peaches Geldof, similarly a southern fish out of water who is there to DJ at the fashion show. 'Let me see,' she demands, momentarily snapping out of what appears to be one long and full-on sulk. 'No, mine are much worse.' Surprisingly, they are.

Wag style has even spawned its own verbs. Going out? Then you get 'Cricketed up'. If you're used to the minimal interiors preferred by most retailers of luxury goods, where a £700 handbag is displayed on a lit plinth, Cricket is a bit of a shock. Chloe and Balenciaga bags appear to be everywhere, following the 'pile 'em high' retail maxim, while Missoni, Cavalli, Balenciaga, McQueen, Biba and Matthew Williamson for Pucci jostle for rail space. But the really striking thing is the volume of customers making a pilgrimage up the hallowed stairs (downstairs is menswear). The changing rooms are like revolving doors and I can honestly say I've seen slower Saturdays at Top Shop. Shoes and boots are mixed in with a Juicy Couture children's range, and Juicy dog beds in powder blue peek out from beneath the rails. One after another, children, ordinary girls, Emmerdale starlets and even grandmothers leave clutching their distinctive carrier bag (you'll find these on sale on eBay for £25 a pop).

Contrary to popular belief, directional boutiques have never been the sole preserve of the south. For 35 years Rita Britton from Pollyannas in Barnsley has been selling Issey Miyake, Costume National, etc, to a fashion-literate crowd north of Watford. Justine Mills, the fabled owner of Cricket, reminds me a little of Rita. At 33, she is the Wags' older sister, constantly on the shop floor, where customers ask for her, dispensing advice and adding accessories.

Mills was doing her A-levels when she filled in for a friend one Saturday at a menswear shop and scored the highest sales of the day. By 19, she was managing a posh menswear store in Southport and began going on buying trips. She instinctively understood that her customers in the northwest would pay for good design, so brought in jackets priced at an unprecedented £900 - they flew off the rails in hours.

Coleen was first 'papped' in her unflattering school parka, when the press found out she was Wayne Rooney's girlfriend. 'She even made parkas fashionable again,' notes Jane Bruton. But in reality, Coleen wasn't as fashion un-savvy as suggested. She was just 15 and had a Saturday job in New Look when she started hanging around Cricket - her friend Lindsey is now a shop assistant there. Justine Mills has helped to lead her through her transformation from schoolgirl to last year's, admittedly rather awkward, shoot for Vogue

The shop shifts a lot of stock, but there are plenty that look snootily down their (usually southern) noses at the whole enterprise and Wag style lists. 'Actually, they are so out of date,' says Justine, who has no truck with that kind of snobbery. 'The image that they have of the Wag style being Dolce & Gabbana and Dior glasses is more the Sheryl Gascoigne era than Coleen.' In fact, she pronounces next season's Dolce & Gabbana offerings completely hideous and refuses to give them shop room. There is no Dior either, I note. There is plenty of room, however, for the more extrovert DSquared, and newcomer Kirsty Doyle, whose unashamedly glamorous coats and silky shirts prompt cheers from the home crowd at the fashion show.

By 8pm, a gratifyingly large crowd of paparazzi is assembled round the entrance to Liverpool's town hall. Abigail Clancy, one of the models for the night, goes through the rails, buying about 50 per cent of the clothes she's about to model. The boutique doesn't do loans, even to its chief Wags, and competition is fierce to get the best picks of the season. Everyone, it seems, relies on Justine to keep a mental note of who is wearing what to avoid embarrassing clashes. Tonight, it's safe to say, everyone is Cricketed-up. Kerrie Fowler, married to Robbie Fowler, bought her first Cricket outfit, a Missoni dress, eight years ago for a New Year's party. 'I'm big into Balenciaga at the moment, so I buy a lot from Justine.' Both she and Jude Cisse agree that the younger Wags are under pressure to look the part. 'The competition has increased over the past few years to get the right outfits. We're lucky we're older so we can be a bit more laid-back.'

Within half an hour the bar area is crammed full of mahogany-coloured women, sporting shiny blonde manes, propped up on Louboutin heels. This is predominantly a girls' night out - not least because all the premiership players are at home, before the next day's Manchester United v Liverpool match. A rare brunette, actor Sheree Murphy (aka Mrs Harry Kewell), arrives in Balenciaga; Coleen appears in a circle of her friends and family. But it's really only Alex Curran's arrival that causes heads to turn. She stands resplendent in a silver Lurex Biba dress that I'd seen hung on a special rail in Cricket, presumably out of the reach of any wannabes or rivals.

The consensus seems to be that tonight Alex has got it right, but this is not always the case. In fact, men who sold atomic secrets during the Cold War have attracted less opprobrium than Alex Curran's fashion mistakes. A faux pas happened just a few weeks ago, according to the tabloids - something to do with red shorts and a black blouse - but the really notorious sartorial shocker was a canary-yellow Juicy Couture tracksuit teamed with moon boots. 'Oh yeah, the tracksuit,' recalls Mills. 'After she'd been on every worst-dressed list, we got orders from all over the country.' So much for the opinions of style gurus.
With Peaches up on the gallery, Sophie Anderton finally in hair and make-up and the premier northwestern Wags installed on the front row, the catwalk show begins. It must be like looking in the mirror for most of them: same threads, Uber make-up and brown limbs. When one of their own, Abigail Clancy, struts her stuff in a McQueen high-waisted skirt, the crowd claps furiously. Finally, Sophie Anderton and Nick Moran round things off - Nick giving the audience his best Zoolander impression.

'I think everyone warms to Coleen above all the others because she just looks like she's really enjoying herself,' explains Jane Bruton. Certainly, she's beaming this evening, as she sits next to her mum, Colette, and assorted relatives. 'I just want to be a really good ambassador for Liverpool,' she says breathlessly by way of explaining her evolving fashion life. 'I love that people come here. They come from all over the place and they can see what a bright and interesting city it is now.'

Coleen is very keen to know who is writing Posh's autobiography (disappointingly for her I am clueless on this important topic) and tells me she's working on hers. 'Well, I mean, it's not an autobiography. I mean, I haven't done enough yet; it's just a book about the story so far.'

Does she ever feel the pressure of keeping at the head of the Wag pack? 'Well, not really. I made a few mistakes at first with what I wore, but who hasn't, and I was only at school when I was photographed in my parka, but I just love all the clothes I get now.' She stares fondly at her new Fendi bucket bag. 'I just try and have fun with it all really.' Upping the fun quotient is Coleen's aunt, who leans across to us, pouring vodka from a miniature bottle into our cocktails. 'I don't think he's put any alcohol in those,' she explains. 'They don't taste right.'

The majority of the Scouserati are of the opinion that what Liverpool needs are a few more of these bashes. 'There's a real lack of places to go at the moment,' says Mills. The result is an entire city dressed up to the nines with nowhere to go. Besides, the venues that are available don't always get it right. Mosquito is the Scouserati hangout, and hosts the after-show party. After the ceiling was lowered in the downstairs VIP room during a recent refit, some of the taller footballers apparently found it hard to stand up straight. At 6ft 7in, Peter Crouch has to, well, crouch, or at least stand with his head bent to the side, which means he presumably has no chance of performing his celebrated robotic dance moves. Actually, there's little dancing going on in Mosquito, aside from John Barnes, who is grooving away wearing a body-hugging leather shirt.

Peaches Geldof and boyfriend Fred Les haven't made it to Mosquito. Rumour has it that a crowd of paparazzi pushed Fred over and he cut his head so they retreated to their hotel, confirming suspicions that southerners are unsustainably sensitive. It never looked like their kind of scene in any case. Strangely, increasingly, I'm thinking it might be mine. Nobody has sent me home for being too un-groomed, pale or in last year's clothes, and I'm enjoying myself. The only time I feel a twinge of discomfort is when I see another girl dance past John Barnes's fiancee wearing the same Balenciaga dress.

According to investigative writer Graham Johnson, however, there are some disturbing issues at the centre of the Wag community. Author of the recently published Gangsters and Football, Johnson claims that known gangsters surround Wag world and that many were in Mosquito at the post-show party. He was there, too, sitting a few feet away from Team Coleen, something the McCloughlins might not be that pleased to know, given that he was the reporter credited with breaking the Wayne-visits-grandmother-hooker story in 2004.

Johnson maintains you can't slip a £600 handbag receipt between organised crime and footballers these days, and that the Wag merry-go-round of glamour and fashion is central to the heady mix. 'If you are a young premiership footballer, you are enormously vulnerable to taxing [a mixture of extortion and blackmail]. Plus, there's the fact that footballers and gangsters are fascinated by each other, often grew up together, and footballers hire gangsters as security.' His view of Wag culture is pessimistic. 'It can't be anything but bad. The reason popular culture is so pleased with Wags is that they are shop windows for consumerism. As a cash-rich elite, they create a climate where it's the aspirational thing to spend £3,000 on a bag. You can't be a Wag on a dental nurse's wage, there are only so many footballers to go round, the only other people with enough disposable income to fund a Wag lifestyle are gangsters, and that's why so many girls get drawn in.'

Who knows whether unsavoury associations will derail the Wag juggernaut. More likely it will begin to run out of steam as the main proponents become equally or more famous than their footballer partners and move off into other arenas. Already you sense a certain resistance among Coleen, Abi and Alex to be photographed together in the Wag unit. Abigail has her modelling career, Alex has a weekly 'Go Shopping with Alex' column in the Mirror. She announces her thoughts each week with 'HIYA!' But Coleen remains the one accelerating away the fastest, not least thanks to a £3m contract to be the face of Asda.

The Wag aesthetic, though, has all the hallmarks of a trend with staying power. Whatever the Wags do, thousands of women will continue to emulate this ultra-feminine, highly glamorous style. In which case, Cricket's continued ascendancy seems assured. It's already annexed the premises next door and is now perilously close to the Cavern, Liverpool's other infamous cultural landmark. If it were ever - and this is highly subjective - to move into the Cavern, it strikes me that this would be entirely appropriate. The rise of Wagdom would be complete.

The wag gaggle

Victoria Beckham, 32, has reigned supreme as the undisputed queen Wag since her low-key wedding in 1999. But her crown slipped after a disappointing 2006 World Cup performance. The truth is she's become (gasp) something of an anti-Wag. We, of course, relished her unwavering pout, her teeny-tiny shorts and perfectly applied fake tan during the tournament, but when it came to dancing on the tables, Posh was nowhere to be seen. She's even gone so far as to wave goodbye to her hair extensions apparently in an effort to distance herself from the trend she created.

Cheryl Cole, 23, was clearly delighted at her appointment as Victoria's chosen buddy in Baden-Baden and followed suit by attempting to distance herself from the Wag phenomenon. Her post-tournament analysis? Its like a comedy everyone's so flash. Its who's got the best watch, who's got the best bag, which wife is dressed the best, which wife's got the best hair In stark contrast, the Girls Aloud stars fairytale marriage to Ashley Cole saw Cheryl draped in a 90,000 Roberto Cavalli gown with Swarovski crystals sewn into the hem, accessorised, of course, with a flawless San Tropez glow.

Alex Curran, 25, caused a stir among the other Wags when she had the cheek to shed her baby weight in time for the World Cup. Two weeks after giving birth and with days of lounging beside the pool in designer bikinis ahead, her speedy weight loss heralded a diet-off between the other ladies. She gains Wag bonus points for her alleged devotion to alcohol, her conker brown tan and a penchant for designer labels. But it's not all fun, games and shopping sprees for Stevie G's lady. She spent a night in the cells in August after a 3am brawl in a Chinese restaurant.

Abigail Clancy, 20, has had a somewhat problematic entry into the world of the Wags. Known to loyal tabloid readers by the fond prefix disgraced girlfriend of Peter Crouch she barely had time to hit the designer shops in Germany before being frogmarched back to Liverpool after pictures of her snorting cocaine as a teenager emerged. She has, though, shown dedication to the cause. Runner-up in TV show Britains Next Top Model, the wannabe Wag told producers she aspired to marry a footballer, get pregnant and then shop and have fun for the rest of my life. Shes even getting her own tanning booth installed at home for that fresh-out-the-oven look.

Coleen McLoughlin, 20, on the other hand, is Wag and proud. Heck, if it earns you nearly 6m in a year whats not to like? Shes the face of the LG Chocolate mobile phone, Asda and Nike, writes a weekly column for Closer magazine, has released a fitness DVD and bagged a book deal with HarperCollins. Goodness only knows where she finds the time to shop, but shop she does. She reportedly spent 16,000 on handbags alone last year. She was champagne slurping, table-top dancing and poolside posing for her entire stay in Germany.

Carly Zucker, 24, is a Wag to be reckoned with. A personal trainer by trade, she exposed a super-toned midriff at every opportunity while in Deutschland and her poolside partners in crime were suitably affronted at her limelight-hogging tendencies. Coleen is reported to have said, Who the hell does she think she is? No one's ever heard of her. Carly even offended Ms Beckham by labelling her emaciated. She definitely proved her Wag credentials, though, with spending sprees of epic proportions effortlessly emptying Baden-Baden's designer jewellery stores, helping her Wag, ahem, party until late in Maxis club and even relieving her fiance Joe Cole of a reputed £26,000 to stay with the other Wags at the Brenners Park Hotel.

Handbags at dawn as Wags star in fashion reality show

The Wags who hope to find fame in a new ITV reality show have been unveiled today. Ten wives and girlfriends of footballers are to run two rival clothing shops in the show, Wags Boutique.

Two of the WAGs announced so far have partners who play for England. They include Jermain Defoe's girlfriend model Charlotte Meares, 21 and Stewart Downing's other half Michaela Henderson-Thynne.

Despite Coleen McLoughlin's well-known love of fashion, she has not signed up. Other famous names like Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham will not be working as sales assistants.

However, Cassie Sumner, a 34DD glamour model and the girlfriend of Chelsea's Michael Essien has signed up.

Nicola Tappenden, 24, a Page 3 model who has been with West Ham striker Bobby Zamora for around two years, is also in the show. She said her boyfriend has installed a 6ft-wide photograph of her breasts in the couple's bedroom - but did not take the photo himself.

Julie Phillips, wife of West Bromwich Albion striker and former England player Kevin Phillips, is also taking part. She used to manage a fashion store, which went bankrupt, and was flashing a £79,000 engagement ring today.

The others include ex-model Jadene Bircham, 32, wife of QPR midfielder Marc Bircham and a mother-of-two who runs her own modelling agency. Model and actress Heather Swan, girlfriend of Cardiff City's Michael Chopra, who says she does not like being called a Wag, is also on board.

Whoever sells the most clothes in the show, presented by June Sarpong, will get to design her own fashion line and the profit from both shops will go to charity. So will it be handbags at dawn? We will have to wait and see as the show starts in the new year.

Wager on the Wags

David Beckham and Victoria the First to Break up in 2007?

An online gambling website has released betting odds on the first celebrity couple to break up in 2007 with David Beckham and his beautiful wife Victoria listed with 6 to 1 odds. has not made the Beckham's a favorite, however. That honor goes to Frank Lampard and his girl Ellen at 10-11 odds. The folks from PaddyPower are pretty confident these two will be a done deal pretty early in the year.

Soccer star Peter Crouch and his girlfriend Abbey Clancy came in at 3 to 1 odds. Ms. Clancy recently topped the list of women men most fantasy about while having sex.

Other betting odds include the following:

Frank Lampard & Ellen 10 - 11
Peter Crouch & Abi 3 - 1
Steven Gerard & Alex 6 - 1
Victoria & David Beckham 6 - 1
Wayne Rooney & Coleen 8 - 1
Ashley Cole & Cheryl 10 - 1

After WAGS, it's the dawn of the NAGs

First it was the WAGs - the Wives and Girlfriends, with their insatiable appetite for champagne-fuelled partying and non-stop shopping.

But now England's wayward footballers have to face a much more formidable - and far less tolerant - body of women: the NAGs.

That's the label applied to mothers-in-law, spoken of quietly, often in despairing tones, in dressing rooms up and down the land.

And as barely a week passes without some soccer star or other being caught tumbling out of a nightspot with an under-dressed girl or two in tow, things have got even worse.

For more and more NAGs are moving in next door to their high-living sons-in-law.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the latest high-profile victim is England captain John Terry, a man with a chequered history off the field.

In August, much to the amusement of his Chelsea team-mates, his future mother-in-law, Susan Poole, and her husband Alan will move into a house next to the mansion on a private estate in Oxshott, Surrey, where Terry lives with his beautician fiancee Toni Poole.

If she is so minded, Mrs Poole will only have to stray as far as her bedroom balcony, with views over a bed of flowering cyclamen and a well-kept lawn, to spy on 26-year-old Terry's comings and goings.

FORGIVENESS: John Terry still together with his long-suffering girlfriend Toni. But her mother Susan Poole will soon be able to keep an eye on the footballer's activities when she moves in next-door

Terry, who earns £100,000 a week, has a reputation for gambling, drinking and womanising. In his first seven years with Toni he is said to have strayed eight times.

In 2005 he announced: "I really regret what I've done to Toni.

"I'm not going to cheat on her ever again and want to marry her more than anything in the world."

But two months later lurid revelations were made about how Terry enjoyed a passionate clinch in his Bentley with a teenager who had asked for his autograph, and then sent her lewd text messages suggesting a threesome with one of her friends. Again, he was forgiven.

The Mail on Sunday understands that Terry bought the house for Mr and Mrs Poole in a private deal.

And as well as keeping their eye on him, they will also be well-placed to help Toni look after her eight-month-old twins Georgie and Summer.

But if Terry has it bad, spare a thought for his Chelsea and England team-mate Ashley Cole.

He married Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy last July and discovered that her 46-year-old mother Joan came - quite literally - with the package.

Joan shares their home and busies herself tidying up.

Before David Beckham's move to Real Madrid, Victoria ensured that the couple lived in a seven-bedroom mock Georgian mansion in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, just a few miles from her parents Jackie and Tony Adams.

And since the move, Jackie and Victoria's sister Louise have been constant companions as full-time nannies for their children Brooklyn, six, Romeo, four, and Cruz, 11 months.

Whether they will do the same when the Beckhams move to Los Angeles remains to be seen.

WAGS Have No Sense of Style


By Grace Macaskill

STYLE guru Anna Park yesterday slated footballers' wives for their abysmal fashion sense.

The straight-talking boutique boss - who has countless A-list customers - is starring in a new TV show where she will give advice to WAGs trying to run their own designer stores.

But Anna - wife of Scots Fame Academy judge Richard - says many of their fellow wives and girlfriends are fashion disasters, especially self-styled leader Posh Spice. She said: "Footballers wives like Victoria Beckham have become style icons but she has no individuality or creativity.

"It's not true that you have to spend a fortune to look good. The secret is about having your own style."

Anna, 42 - mum to Jonathan, 12, and nine-year-old Jack - has worked in the fashion industry for 12 years.

She runs four boutiques called Anna - two in London and one in Essex and Suffolk. She is also considering opening a store in Scotland.


Her customers include stars such as Kate Winslet, Texas' Sharleen Spiteri and singer Gwen Stefani, who come in to stock up on clothes from designers such as Nicole Farhi, Orla Kiely, Betty Jackson and Antik Batik.

Anna said: "A lot of celebrities come into the shop but I'm not fazed by it and I am totally honest with every customer.

"If someone famous comes in and something looks dreadful, I'll tell them."

Anna's expertise will be vital for the footballers' partners in ITV2's WAGs Boutique.

The show follows two teams of girls who will compete to transform an empty building into a trendy store.

Anna's team includes Madeleine Bowden, who dates Arsenal star Justin Hoyte, and Michaela Henderson-Thynne, who is going out with Middlesbrough's Stewart Downing.

Other WAGs signed up for the show include Cassie Sumner, Charlotte Meares, Nicola T and Jadene Bircham.

Anna says all of the women are glamorous but that she "particularly admires" Michaela's style.

She added: "Every time I see her she looks so well put together.

"I've tried to help them all understand that not everyone goes for the same style and they should try varied fashions.

"Before I got together with the girls I thought all WAGs were really dim but I now realise there are those who are very bright and have their own careers."

But Anna admits glamorous girls such as WAGs put women under a lot of pressure to be slim.

She said: "Too skinny is horrible. I'm a natural 10 but I think the perfect figure is probably a 12. There is far too much pressure on women to be super thin - it's unhealthy."

Anna is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to style - and she pulls no punches when it came to famous WAGs' dress sense.

Here, she reveals who is hot and who is not.

Wags Boutique starts on ITV2 on Tuesday at 9pm.


The 20-year-old girlfriend of Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney is second only to Posh in the WAG celebrity stakes.

Anna said: "Colleen's style is my favourite. She is very individual and will mix and match designer with high street. But she sometimes looks older than she is by putting her hair up in an old-fashioned style. She should make the most of her age and reflect it in her look."


The 47-year-old on-off partner of former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson has now ditched her law career for TV presenting.

Anna said: "She sometimes looks a bit like mutton dressed as lamb. She loves Roberto Cavalli, which I don't think looks great on her. She hangs around with a lot of young women and, as a result, errs on the young side with her style."


The Girls Aloud singer, 23, is married to Chelsea's Ashley Cole.

Anna said: "Cheryl looks too tarty for me. She looks as if she is trying too hard and she doesn't need to. She is a pretty girl with a good figure and has a career of her own. Like the other WAGS, she follows fashion slavishly instead of finding her own unique style. I can't stand Juicy Couture track suits and Ugg boots."


The 23-year-old mum-of-two is set to wed long-term boyfriend Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard in June.

Anna said: "Alex gets a thumbs up. She is not afraid to experiment wearing unusual clothes and hats. If a hat suits you, why not wear it? It's all about being unique. Wearing what suits you is the golden rule. Alex has a style similar to Sienna Miller and looks good as well as being a mum."


The No.1 WAG is currently moving to the States with hubby David following his megabucks deal with Los Angeles Galaxy.

Anna said: "I hate Victoria's style. She is the type of girl who rips a picture out of Vogue and says, 'I think I'll look like this today'. She has no individuality or creativity. You can buy fashion but style you have to possess. I can't bear the skinny thing. She looks almost anorexic.


ENGLAND football stars Steven Gerrard and Gary Neville have booked their weddings on the SAME DAY.

The Liverpool star and Manchester United defender are going head to head with rival weddings on Saturday, June 16.

And their game of two halves has provided their fellow players - including David Beckham and Wayne Rooney - with a huge dilemma over which bash to attend.

Gerrard, 26, and Alex Curran, 23, announced their nuptials last week when they booked a stately home in the North West for their big day. Now Neville, 31, has booked Manchester Cathedral for his £1million wedding on the same day to Emma Hadfield, 24.

A source said: "They all wanted the perfect wedding, with all their friends to witness their special day.

"But their guest lists will be significantly smaller with lots of friends making the difficult decision over which to attend.

"There is no getting away from the fact someone's nose is going to be put out of joint somewhere along the line.

"It looks like it will rekindle some of the old Man Utd and Liverpool rivalry."

The Beckhams are set to attend Neville's lavish bash -with Becks likely be his former Man Utd teammate's best man. Gary was Becks' right-hand man when he wed Victoria in 1999.

But Rooney and his fiancee Coleen McLoughlin find themselves in a bit of a quandary. While Rooney, 21, plays for both Man Utd and England with Neville, he and Coleen are close to fellow Liverpudlians Steven and Alex.

Coleen, 20, and fellow WAG Alex are often spotted together in designer boutiques and nightclubs close to their Merseyside homes.

Other England players -including Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher and Michael Carrick - are also deciding which bash to go to.

A source said: "The footballers will have to make some very tough decisions in the next couple of weeks.

"Both weddings will be top class but it's quickly turning into a nightmare. No one wants to offend."

The wedding clash happened because June is the only free month in this summer's busy football calendar. After the Champions League final on May 23 - which Man Utd and Liverpool could both still reach - both players will be off on pre-season tours in July. The schedule left both sportsmen and their fiancees with only limited free weekends to book churches and venues.

The source added: "With just a handful of dates, it's no wonder the couples have booked their weddings on the same day. It's a real shame."

Gary and Emma's wedding is reportedly going to be a Man United themed bash, with a red and white dress code.

The traditional ceremony is said to include a £100,000 performance from chart-topper James Blunt. They are expected to host the reception at Gary's 17th Century moorland home. The sprawling mansion is being refurbished by interior designer Kelly Hoppen - a former girlfriend of England teammate Sol Campbell.

Meanwhile Steven and Alex sent out hundreds of wedding invitations last week.

The pair are refusing to reveal the exact location of their wedding and have sold the rights for exclusive pictures to a magazine.

Guests are set to include Take That's Gary Barlow and Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts and Cheryl Tweedy with footballer husband Ashley Cole.

The couple's two daughters Lily Ella, two, and nine-month-old Lexie are expected to be bridesmaids.

A source added: "Steven and Alex have hired a wedding organiser to ensure it is the wedding of the year.

"They are really loved up and can't wait to get married in front of as many friends and family as possible."

Gary & Emma

Wedding cost: £1million

Venue: Manchester Cathedral

Likely guests: David and Victoria Beckham, Sol Campbell and Rio Ferdinand

Best man: David Beckham or brother Phil Neville

Possible honeymoon: Their luxury home in Malta, where Gary proposed in 2005


Stevie & Alex

Wedding cost: £500,000

Venue: Stately home near Liverpool

Likely guests: Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin, Ashley Cole and Cheryl Tweedy.

Best man: Best pal and Scouse footballer Danny Murphy

Possible honeymoon: St Tropez, a WAG's dream destination of sun, sea and shops

WAG wedding secrets

February 22, 2007

DING-DONG. Wedding bells are ringing out for the WAGs this summer.

Gary Neville and Steven Gerrard will be walking their long-term girlfriends Alex Curran and Emma Hadfield down the aisle in June, with both couples spending between £500,000 and £1million on their dos.

Meanwhile, despite Coleen’s protestations that she and Wayne won’t wed until 2008 now, bookies William Hill have closed the book on bridal bets for the pair.

So what sort of bash will the WAG brides opt for? And which stars will attend the million-pound matrimonials?

Read our guide to the big bashes and get the WAG nuptials know-how.


When it comes to bridal beauty, the WAGs to beat are still Posh and Cheryl Cole.

Simply stunning in a duchesse satin Vera Wang gown, Victoria set the bar for the football wedding (and showed off that famous tiny waist in a dramatic bustier with full train).

More recently, Cheryl pinched Posh’s favourite designer Roberto Cavalli for her dream dress when she wed Ashley Cole last summer.

None of the WAGs set to wed has named a designer but Alex Curran has let slip she’s been to Paris for her fittings.

The former beautician also said in a 2005 interview, “I know the dress will be a really big fairytale one.”

Watch this space and ogle at recent Vera Wang and Roberto Cavalli styles the girls might opt for, below.


Oh no, it’s a WAG-tastrophe!

Gary Neville and Steven Gerrard have picked the same day to get married – Saturday 16 June – as it’s one of the few free weekends the players have this summer.

Of course this means guests are torn as to which bash to attend. There are rumours of helicopter charters whisking the big names from one wedding to another but most of the invitees will have to choose.

As one source confirms, “Both couples wanted the perfect wedding, with all their friends to witness their special day.

“But their guest lists will be significantly smaller with lots of friends making the difficult decision over which to attend.”

It’s widely thought Steven’s Liverpool and England mates will attend his home town nuptials while the Beckhams and most Manchester United stars will go to Gary and Emma’s do.

Stephen’s best man is best pal and Scouse footballer Danny Murphy. Meanwhile, Gary was Becks’ best man back in 1999 and it’s widely reported David will return the favour this year.

It looks like the celebrity guest list will be heavier at Steven and Alex’s do though with Take That’s Gary Barlow and Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts and Cheryl Cole set to attend.


If there’s one thing a WAG can be guaranteed, it’s a whopper of an engagement ring.

At the tender age of 18, Coleen was handed a £25,000 diamond and platinum ring by childhood sweetheart Wayne.

Soppy Steven Gerrard designed Alex’s £30,000, 10-carat diamond sparkler and then hid it in baby Lilly-Ella’s blanket as a surprise in February 2005.

Of course, thirty grand is chump change to Gary Neville’s fiancé of three and a half years, Emma Hadfield.

Em’s ring set super-rich Gary back a stonking £170,000.


They may not be as glamorous as Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bridesmaids, but Alex and Stevie G have lined up two gorgeous girls for their June bash: daughters Lilly-Ella, three, and Lexie, nine months.

Steven said last summer, “Our two beautiful daughters are going to be bridesmaids. I want Alex to have the best day of her life.” Aww.


Stevie G’s £13 million fortune is about to be bumped up by a million, after he and Alex signed an exclusive deal with a downmarket mag for rights to their wedding pics.

As such, the wedding venue is shrouded in mystery. Steven hinted at a do down south last summer but rumours now abound that the lovebirds will tie the knot at a stately home in the North West.

How will they ensure privacy though? Cheryl and Ashley took the dramatic step of covering their entire walk from the ceremony to the reception with a canopy last year and clutched umbrellas to ward off snappers from the sky.

Gary and Emma have secured no such mag deal so we can happily tell you the pair will be married in Manchester Cathedral, above, and then celebrate their reception at Gary’s £12 million 17th century moorland estate nearby.


We reckon a wedding is theme enough for a party but not so for Gary Neville.

A source close to the star has said, “Gary wants to have a Man United theme and it will probably involve a red and white dress code.”

“It will be an amazing do and the wedding of Emma’s dreams.” Hmm, a Man United themed wedding – not every girl’s fantasy, eh?


Music may be the food of love but neither Stephen nor Gary have much luck in the former, sources say.

Rumour has it Gary was ready to splash out £100,000 for a star turn from James Blunt at his reception but the Brit crooner turned him down.

Steven and Alex were equally keen to book Girls Aloud but their offer was rebuffed too. Perhaps the lasses realised they’d have more fun as guests than performers – certainly the booze flows more freely for the former! Forum Index -> england random wags
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